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“...To contribute to the development of our company, to strengthen our personality, to benefit the members of our community, to attend our clients professionally and to enrich our country...”

Our responsabilities
- Our first responsibility is to our CLIENTS, those that use our products and services. We have to constantly strive to maintain our high level of quality and reduce our costs in order to maintain reasonable and competitive market prices.
We have to attend our customers quickly and effectively.

- Our second responsibility is to our REPRESENTATIVES, DISTRIBUTORS and SUPPLIERS. They must have the opportunity to make a fair profit.

- Our third responsibility is to our EMPLOYEES, COLLABORATORS AND COLLEGUES “ MEMBERS OF THE QUINABRA FAMILY “. They must be considered individually, their dignity respected and their worth recognised.

They must feel SECURE in their position and the remuneration for their work must be fair. There must be FREEDOM for suggestions and complaints. The opportunity to progress, develop and mature within the company must be offer to whoever deserves it.
The administration must be COMPETENT, FAIR AND ETHICAL.

- Our fourth responsibility is to our SOCIETY in which we live and work. We must be good citizens, and support charitable and social projects. We must maintain the properties we have privilege to use in good order. We must encourage moral behaviour and good habits. We must protect the environment and natural resources, and pay our taxes promptly.

- Our fifth responsibility is to our FUTURE. We must be alert, while seeking and trying out NEW IDEAS, having in mind leadership in research, industrialization and commercialisation of NEW PRODUCTS. We must assume our mistakes and correct them in time. We must set aside FINANCIAL RESERVES to be able to FACE DIFFICULT TIMES. We must plan and implement training for our work force.

- Our sixth responsibility is to our SHARE HOLDERS, the owners of the company, for whom we must generate a FAIR PROFIT in keeping with their investment.

Following these six responsibilities we will be contributing to the development of our company, strengthening our personality, benefiting our community, attending our customers professionally and enriching our country; thus we can proudly say: “BUSINESS IS ONLY GOOD WHEN IT IS GOOD FOR EVERYBODY”.