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Pioneered the use of Bioflavonoids

The company which is 100% Brazilian and is characterized by its investment in research and development of its own technology. Since 1981 Quinabra has being developing its own technology, always seeking to put on the market modern quality products, which provide a more efficient and more ecologically correct form of controlling pathogenic and toxic microorganisms.

Quinabra´s principal objective is the protection of animal and plant life. It guarantees improved quality food products and a greater increase in productivity and profit for the clients without leaving toxic residues in the environment.

Its aim is to develop products for the agricultural, animal nutrition, veterinary and animal stock markets which stimulate the production of meat, eggs and milk free from antibiotic and chemotherapeutic residues, vegetables free from agrotoxics and provide a healthy, efficient disinfection of environs and surfaces.

In Agriculture
Quinabra's noble agricultural products are developed with a view to providing maximum efficiency and productivity for crops during pre and post harvest, with the ultimate objective being to collaborate in drastically reducing the use of agrotoxics.

Certification is a practice that appeared with the need of identifying the origin and the processing of an organic food, allowing the farmer to present a differentiated and higher valued product, establishing a trust relationship with the consumer.

It is a procedure to inspect and guide the production and the processing of food according to the norms and practices of organic production, guaranteeing to the consumer a product origin without chemical contamination, respecting the environment and the worker, and assuring to the producer a distinguished market.

IBD Certification, which is based on humanistic principles, acts throughout Brazil and South America, contributing with the recovery, conservation and preservation of the environment and with the development of work relationships, motivating the social commitment of the certified operations.

Presently, IBD certifies operations in the following areas: Organic agriculture, Biodynamic agriculture, Beekeeping, Organic food Industry, Inputs for organic agriculture , Organic livestock.

Certification procedures involve the conversion process of the property (2 to 3 years), that is accompanied by IBD technicians who regularly inspect and guide all stages of production and/or processing.

In production animals
Quinabra's nutrient additives aim to drastically reduce the use of antibiotic and chemotherapeutic products in animal feed rations for meat, egg and milk producers, thereby guaranteeing better animal health and high quality end products.

Quinabra products were developed within the more
rigid standards of quality, with unique technology, aiming to give pets a better quality of life through better nutrition and sanitation procedures free of toxic waste.